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#1 Transcriptionist - Pays $32.50 An Hour On Avg. And You Can Even Outsource The Work

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

1. Transcription Specialist

What Do Transcriptionists do?

Transcriptionists are like typists that listen to audio files (either live or recorded) and they convert them into a text document by typing it out. Transcriptionist services are in demand by legal, medical and general industries.

As a transcriptionist you are free to operate as your own business. This is a service based business and yet you can work at your own pace from the comfort of your own home.

What are the skills needed? You will need to be able to type with a fair level of speed and accuracy but you will be operating this as your own business so you can operate it as you see fit. Work as fast or as slow as you wish, just manage your clients so they know what they can expect and always adhere to the deadlines your clients set for you.

What if you can't type? Well, here's where things can get a little creative. I know of one person in the space that makes a decent amount of money and he never types a single word himself. He outsources the work to a "Virtual Assistant" in India.

He simply pays the "VA" a fee and he adds a good profit margin and pockets the difference.

Pretty simple.

What are the types of transcription services that are in demand? How do you get clients? How much can you make?...

The three main types of transcription are 1. General Transcription - 2. Legal Transcription - and 3. Medical Transcription.

How much can you make? - Depending on your skill level (or the skill level of the VA you hire to do the actual work - remember, this is YOUR business), you can expect to make anywhere from $20 to $45 an hour. Remember... this is for "billable hours" not actual work hours if you're outsourcing the work.

If you're outsourcing the work the hours you actually work should be much less since you're simply managing your clients and workers.

If this home business interests you - you can get a full education and even a free mini course training success kit by CLICKING HERE.

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